I Was Right

Written by S. Jones for the American Left

Ever since I was eighteen years old I voted Republican.  The only exception was a Governor from Arkansas named Bill Clinton, and I voted for him twice. I was right for 22 years but I have seen the error of my ways and voted straight Democratic on these last midterm elections. I am now planted firmly on the left.

Why did I vote Republican for over two decades? Why did I help put some of the most loathsome beings into office and then vote to keep them there? Some of the things that Republicans say they stand for appealed to my Texan sensibilities: they didn’t have a problem with Americans arming themselves and presented wholesome, Christian values that appealed to my conception of moral leadership. Basically they trusted us with guns and went to church.

One of the true signs that a person is maturing is that person gains an interest in politics. Once I reached a certain age this became true for me as well, and I wasn’t happy about it. The political jibber-jabber that had annoyed me in the past had become clear, concise English. With dawning horror I realized that these Republicans I had supported with my vote were not working in my best interest but kneeling to their corporate overlords while turning a blind eye to the needs of their constituents. It was like waking up one morning and realizing that the Skinny and Sweet I had been putting in my coffee every morning was actually rat poison. My image of the intelligent, conscientious Southern gentleman was shattered in a single moment: the moment the Texas senator stood up and apologized to the BP reps for having to endure a few tough questions. I voted for that guy! Why was he apologizing to the company that allowed crude oil to contaminate the Gulf Coast?

If I was wrong about one guy then it was possible, however unlikely, that I could be wrong about the others. So I watched. I watched senators strangle legislation to stall for midterm elections. I watched these fine, intelligent gentlemen squabble among themselves. I watched them attempt to discredit my President. I know I didn’t vote for Mr. Obama but he is still the President. The Republicans spent more time debating whether or not Obama was a Muslim, or born in the USA, than they did debating the mounting pile of legislature piling up on the Capitol floor.

I started voting my conscious this past midterm. The people I vote into office need to be smart, motivated, and moral Americans or they won’t get my vote. I’m looking at voting histories, promises kept, and where the money comes from. A corporate sponsored government is too close to Benito Mussolini’s brand of fascism for comfort. America is a democracy, always has been, and if that grand old party wants to serve big business then they’ll have to do it on their knees and not in office. Either earn your money as a politician of become a spokesperson because I think it’s wrong to take money from two opposing sides. I was right for a long time, but I was wrong.

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