Promises Broken

Women, Children, Elderly & Poor Have No Chance Against GOP Agenda

After reading that the House voted to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, I felt sick inside. This is most likely the only source of health care & pregnancy prevention for millions of women. What are they supposed to do, especially if they are in the most undesirable of situations that you could possibly bring a baby into? Since January, the GOP has figuratively spit in the faces of the American people who voted for them by choosing to attack women, children, elderly, poor & minorities across the nation. These are a large majority of the very people who voted for them & trusted them to do what they promised, which was to create jobs & cut spending. To believe in the very group who got us into this mess is the epitome of insanity, but I digress. By cutting funding for low-income assistance programs, such as heating assistance for low income families, WIC, & Planned Parenthood the GOP shows the depth of their hatred for those they deem as beneath themselves. They won their seats on empty promises of better tomorrows. Now they are proposing the House pass a bill cutting funding from various other agencies who rely greatly on the Federal Government to be able to continue assisting (again) the very people who voted for them & trusted them. The GOP has also proposed cutting funding, full or partial, to the Minority Business Development Agency, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS), and the National Endowment for the Arts. The hubris of the Republicans of the 112th Congress is astounding.

Now the latest attack by the GOP is against child labor laws.   Freshman Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) joined the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this year.  This is the same man who believes child labor laws, medicare and food stamps are unconstitutional.  Elected officials across America are attempting to lower minimum wage for minors, as well as to extend work hours to 11:00pm from the current cutoff time of 10:00pm, allowing minors to work a total of 24 hours per week.  Child labor laws were enacted across the United States because children were being made to work 12 hour days, sometimes more.  There was no opportunity for poor children to receive any type of education.  Everyone, including Republicans, know that education is the key to success.  Perhaps this is why Republicans are attacking child labor laws?  Perhaps they feel that if a child is working longer hours, he or she is spending less time sleeping or studying, and so has less opportunity of making good grades and being accepted to a great college or university.  Because if they get a good education, they might not be available to the GOP as a future work horse.

Written by Shelly Wymer for The American Left
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