Blind Faith in Ignorance…How does Sarah Palin Keep Them Hooked?


Written by Shelly Wymer

If Sarah Palin is not running in the 2012 Republican primary election, why did she choose this particular time to go on this “One Nation” bus tour? A tour that just happens to include carting her entire family around the east coast visiting the more popular early American tourist attractions.  She went to a tremendous effort to announce this tour, including putting plenty of information about her tour on her SarahPAC website, with the exception of actual dates.  I guess she thought it would be funny to make all those reporters chase her.  Sheep.

What is it about Sarah Palin that makes people flock to her as though she were some sort of savior?  Why do reasonably, even highly intelligent people become mindless morons, shelling out their hard earned and long saved dollars to support this soulless, greedy, vengeful, small minded and uninformed woman?  Sarah Palin has just ended a week long vacation which was paid for in full with donations to SarahPAC, also known as the Palin’s personal bank account.  These donations are paid to SarahPAC by people who fully expect Palin to use the money to fund a campaign for President, and to win,  in 2012. So far though, Sarah Palin has not spent a dime of these donations to promote a run for any political office, anywhere.  Donations to SarahPAC apparently continue, despite the lack of even a hint toward an actual run for the presidency.  There have been plenty of maybe’s , but those maybe’s seem to feel more like no’s than yes’s. Based on what I have seen of Palin’s desperate, constant need for attention, she’s obviously more devoted to her paycheck than anything else.

Why is it that no one is looking into Palin’s recent expenditures?  She just purchased a new house in Arizona that cost 1.7 million dollars, and took a family vacation disguised as an East Coast political tour.  Seriously?  When it was discovered that Christine O’Donnell was using campaign funds in questionable ways, such as paying her rent, an investigation was formed almost immediately.  The investigation against O’Donnell has since been dismissed, but the point is that her actions were questionable and deserved to be investigated.  Why, I ask, isn’t anyone questioning Palin?  Is it fear that restrains people in upper positions from speaking up against her?  Palin is certainly known for being highly and consistently vindictive .  I have nothing to lose, so I have absolutely no reason to fear someone so obviously mean and petty.

Politically, Palin is a lightweight.  She gave up on being Governor of Alaska the second she realized what her new earning potential could be if she took her circus on the road.  She was a questionable choice as a running mate for John McCain in 2008.  She’s shown time and time again that she knows few facts about American history and our Constitution.   Despite the endless first hand accounts from people close to Palin about her tireless dedication to promoting Sarah Palin and only Sarah Palin, American people still gravitate to her like a highly addictive drug.  Sarah Palin is “the hater’s heroin”.  She is their addiction.  She promises to make America “wholesome” again, to take us back to our roots as a Christian nation.  But Palin stands for everything that is bad for America and for Americans, such as more tax cuts for the very wealthy, forcing Christianity down the throats of this diverse nation, and backing the Ryan healthcare proposal.   So the question is, once again,  why do people flock to Sarah Palin?

I, for one, do hope Sarah Palin takes a run at the Republican primary.  I always enjoy watching her make a fool out of herself when she tries tries to say smart things and fails.

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