It Was Fun. Now Get Ready to Run.

We have several hours to go here in Texas before we raise a glass and change the calendar.  The quickly approaching New Year has turned our thoughts toward the Mayan prophecy of 2012 being the final year.  Was there simply no more room on the Mayan calendar or will the world truly pass out of existence next December?

Many things have changed in the last few years and these changes should give those possessing the precious gift of rational thought a reason to evaluate and ponder.  Apparently any card-carrying Republican has a shot at political office at the end of the world.  The alarming rise of the Tea Party and their school of ignorant indifference still has that new car smell.  War has brought most of the civilized world to its figurative financial knees.

Oil supplies are dwindling.  Water is more expensive, and precious, than gasoline. Rationality and compassion have been overshadowed by fear and hatred.  Our weather patterns have undeniably changed and natural disasters have increased in both frequency and intensity.

I don’t know if the end is truly near, but I am going to get into shape this year and stock up on some good athletic shoes so I can scream and run at the same time.

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