Boldly Going….Where We’ve Already Been

By Sarcasmo  Jones

It’s a bad time to be a uterus owner in America.  As the proud owner of a manly pair of testicles, I am not worried about recent Republican efforts to infringe upon my reproductive health or rights.  I will never need a mammogram, a pap smear, an abortion, or be afflicted by an unwanted pregnancy.  I will never get ovarian cancer, need a mastectomy, get a hysterectomy, or need birth control pills.  However, the fairer sex is now squarely in the sights of Republican legislators who believe that recreational sex does not exist for women.  The fairer sex has been reduced to incubators.

The Republican idea of civil rights for women is the equivalent of a sexual time machine. Are Republicans under the mistaken impression that women do not enjoy sex in 2012?  Do they believe reproductive health is only for rich folks?  Imagine all the pregnant hookers there will be in Washington DC if these jackasses actually get their way.

There has been a great deal of vehement opposition to civil rights progress lately. Gay marriage has come under fire. Gay soldiers have been booed.  Protesters have been pepper sprayed and beaten for practicing their constitutionally protected right to assemble. Presidential hopefuls want to shut down the EPA and the Department of Education. Spicy, sick and stupid…is that the Republican dream for America?

Add knocked up to that list.  Abortions have just been outlawed in Oklahoma.  A state returns to those wonderful days of yesteryear when we lovingly punched the pregnant nuisance in the uterus with all of our might because God loves the ignorant regressive in all of us.  Oklahoma has always been progressively stagnant but ignoring a Supreme Court decision has definitely crossed the line.  Gambling is legal but abortions aren’t?  And what is up with watering down the beer in Oklahoma?  Okies…get out while you still can!

Another blow to women has been the cuts to Planned Parenthood funding and the public cowardice of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  We are attempting to obstruct insurance coverage of women’s reproductive health care while simultaneously eradicating access to cost-effective alternatives.  This is not progress and the thunderous applause I hear in support of these measures reminds me of seals clapping their flippers for a dead fish.

America is a mix of religions, cultures, and ideas.  It is a country defined by its progress and liberties.  It is a place with many different churches, families, and political attitudes. We are men, women, gay, straight, Hindu, Catholic, Midwesterners, Islanders, Mountain folks, Texans, and even goofy Okies…we are Americans and a bone-stock one size fits all brand of religious driven mediocrity will not do.

Give me liberty or move, motherfucker.  This is America.

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  1. Kelly

     /  March 13, 2012

    Well, I don’t believe that my employer should have the right to dictate whether or not birth control is covered under my health plan. There are many women out there that are Catholic and use birth control. Many people have tried using that same argument about smoking bans in public places, and that didn’t work either. It’s my body, if I want to use birth control, so be it. If God has a problem with that, I’m sure he’ll let me know sometime down the road. Until then, I don’t need my priest, my employer, or anyone else for that matter, getting involved.

  2. I’m going to address those lovely abortion comments left here for America to delete by stating that I’m pleased that I’m not the sickest dog in the pound and I sincerely hope you folks get the help you so desperately need. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just a note to those those left those wonderful abortion comments for America to delete…it’s good to know I’m not the sickest dog in the pound and I sincerely hope that you get the help that you so desperately need. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sometime, maybe we could discuss the issues that we agree on. I’m sure there are some, like crony capitalism, etc.

  5. I know how that goes to try to find a video clip. If you find it, I’d be happy to look at it. Thanks for your prayers for Earl. It’s a challenging struggle.

  6. Everyone has a right to their opinion in this great country. I may not agree with you, Cheryl, but I would fight for the right to have your opinion heard. I’m glad Earl is feeling a bit better and I will add him to my prayers.

  7. Thank you, by the way, for being civil and replying to my comment. I’m new at this blog thing but have found some pretty rough edges along the way. I do enjoy reading the other side, though.

  8. A Catholic that chooses to follow papal doctrine and avoid contraception makes a personal choice and this is the way it should be in the land of the free. Taking that choice away from Americans is something else entirely. If churches are going to employ God-fearing Americans to work for them, they should provide an insurance plan like every other business in America. The pill is far cheaper than delivering a baby in a hospital. Add maternity leave to that hospital stay and the pill looks better and better. Not that I personally give a rat’s ass who does what with their reproductive organs and I see no reason for Santorum, that ridiculous Republican committee on womens’ health, or the Pope to assume that they should have a say on who does what with their crotch.
    I cannot think of many things more important than education and the preservation of what little natural environment we have left. I would argue that we have too many stupid people already and too few regulations regarding the preservation of the place where we eat, drink, and live.
    I don’t believe that a loose affiliation of town halls would work with a country of this size. Our current form of Democracy borrows a bit from many types of government, be it Communism, Socialism, Monarchy, or Republic. Restricting our freedoms and sacrificing education and the environment sounds like another problem…not a solution. Thanks for sharing.

  9. First of all, Republicans are not telling women to not use Birth Control. Pul-lease. We are a little upset about the Federal Government simply dictating what people of faith HAVE to provide employees of their institutions if it is against their religious doctrine. If you are not Catholic and work in their institution and don’t like their religious dictates, you have the option of getting a job somewhere else. The “accomodation” is a joke. It changes nothing, except that the religious institution isn’t paying for the insurance they still must provide that dictates free birth control.

    Second, women can get free birth control, in part funded by the government, at Planned Parenthood now. They can also get free birth control at many County and State health offices. So, I guess we no longer need Planned Parenthood for that service since it will be provided “free” to everyone (if you believe anything is free, by the way, you must be one of the ones that believe Obama has his own “stash”).

    Why should the Komen Foundation donate to Planned Parenthood? PP doesn’t provide mammograms. It does provide referrals and palpating breast exams. It also provides abortions which I look at as taking an innocent life. I am Pro-Choice – a woman has a choice to have unprotected sex or not. If she becomes pregnant, then she and the father of that child have the responsibility for the life they created (no matter the age of the mother). Yes, it can ruin a young girl’s life but it kills the life of the unborn. There are consequences for many decisions we make in life. Every dollar of donation that goes to the other services PP offers frees up dollars for their biggest money maker – abortion.

    As far as the Department of Education goes – get rid of it. States do quite well without Federal interference. The EPA needs extensive revamping and downgrading. They have WAY too much power outside of the checks and balances of Congress. They make law through their regulations, which is outside the confines of the Constitution. It simply has become an Agency that promotes a political agenda through regulation.

    Limited Central Government with State and Local governmental control is the “progressive” idea. The Liberal, Big Government, form of governance is as old as civilization, from Socialism to Communism to Kingdoms and becomes repressive and oppressive.

    • Santorum has already said he plans to work to have contraception outlawed.

      • And…where did you get that? Media Matters? He has said his family doesn’t use contraception but that he has voted to allow contraception and would never vote on any law against it.

      • Well, I searched for the video clip but naturally I can’t find it when I need it. So for now, I retract my earlier statement. 😉 Thank you for following our blog. We enjoy diverse opinions, even if we don’t always agree.

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