Playing the Victim Card

By Shelly Wymer

Hilary Rosen is right. Ann Romney is not qualified as an expert on the economy.

Ann and Mitt Romey are outraged over a comment made by Hilary Rosen that being a housewife doesn’t make Ann a financial expert. Why the outrage? If I applied for job as a bank officer or corporate CFO, I would probably need more than “housewife and mom” on my resume.

Sure, she chose to stay at home to raise her kids, which is a fine and noble choice. But does that give her the experience necessary to be considered an expert on the nation’s economy or women in the workforce in America? Mrs. Romney’s initial reaction was to jump on Twitter to create a new account so she could tell the world that Hilary Rosen was mean to her. Wrong. Hilary Rosen’s statement was fact. Ann Romney has never held a job. Yes, she raised 5 children and since none of them seem to have a scandal attached (i.e. the Palins), I’m fairly willing to bet that she & Mitt did a fairly good job.

Instead of actually listening to Ms. Rosen’s statement, Mrs. Romney seems to have picked up only on specific words that she then used to create a new media attack against Democrats and the media by pretending she was the one under attack.

Being a full-time mom is hard work, but so is being a full-time mom and full-time employee because you have no other choice. I wish I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom for our daughter. Hilary Rosen was not saying that Mrs. Romney’s job as a mom was not hard, or that she doesn’t understand struggles. She simply stated the fact that Ann Romney is not an economic expert and therefore unqualified as an advisor in that area. Not only has Ann Romney not worked in a great while, if ever, she is married to a wealthy man and is a long way from having a finger on the pulse of the average American housewife. She drives 2 Cadillacs, although probably not at the same time. Spending her husband’s money does not make her a financial wizard, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I agree with Rosen, and there is no apology necessary. Mrs. Romney is not qualified for a great many jobs, and it’s okay to be a wife and mother. Personally, I think it’s great that Mrs. Romney’s husband comes to her for her opinion. My husband and I work that way, too. But stop and think for a moment…does Ann Romney’s experience as a mother make her a good candidate to run a Fortune 500 company? It just doesn’t work that way. Watch the clip again, Mrs. Romney, and this time listen to the entire message, not just the part that you can twist in your favor. Playing the victim card against a non-existent attack is so petty, but it happens quite often in the Republican party lately.

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  1. Right on, Shelly! I totally agree with your point on this. Finally, a sane look at the truth!


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