Death to America?

By Sarcasmo Jones

I woke to the news of the death of our Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, as well as several  of his co-workers, on the morning of September 12th. This news was accompanied by images of angry, brown people tearing an American flag apart and chanting “Death to America!” These separate events, tied together by the date they occurred, are so easily associable with each other that it takes time to find where the seam is. I left for work that morning with the impression that Libyans were killing Americans and burning flags because they were upset about a movie preview on YouTube. Some of the people at work were already reacting to the news and opinions were expressed: retaliate, bomb the Libyan Desert to glass. I was more disturbed by the fact that something as trivial as a YouTube clip would cause the chants of “Death to America” that I cracked “I found a burnt peanut in my M&M’s…Death to America!”

The attack on our embassy is one of the most cowardly attacks by bitches with guns that I have ever heard of. The people of Libya are not responsible for this attack. The folks that did this are the same goat-fucking maniacs that turned passenger planes into giant fuel bombs just over a decade ago. Al Qaeda, who once reduced mighty buildings into ash and stopped the planes all across America, has been reduced to burning an embassy and shooting mortars at Chevys. That gang’s gone downhill in a big way and they’ll have to scrub a lot of camels to earn the shekels to pay for those mortars.

What is more disturbing to me than the decline in quality of Al Qaeda terrorism are the “Death to America” people. Those people are not terrorists; they are, however, very poor, very uneducated, and very religious. When people are poor and uneducated, the institution of religion often steps in and provides a modicum of education with heavy doses of “thou shalt and shalt not.” This is how poverty produces the most fervently religious folks, and therefore the most sensitive to a perceived attack on their religion. This is not a middle-east phenomenon, but I’ll get to that later. Fuse this religious sensitivity with an uneducated vulnerability to propaganda and you have the recipe for an instant mob. These people see it as their patriotic and religious duty to rise to the perceived insult of their deity of choice, Allah. They are understandably upset over the clip about Allah and his lady friends, and their uneducated ignorance allows them to be led to believe that this is a US government sanctioned movie specifically designed to insult their religious beliefs. This whiplash reaction, seen from their point of view, should be expected…they just don’t know any better.

Speaking of knee-jerk reactions and folks who don’t know any better, Romney’s ill-advised and poorly timed response gives us a sneak peek at a Bizarro world where Romney is President while the rest of the world chants “Death to America.” Here’s what Sen. John Kerry had to say regarding Romney’s ignorant comments:

“They are flat wrong. They demonstrate an insensitivity and lack of judgment about what is happening right now. To make those make those kind of statements before you even know the facts, before families have been notified, before things have played out, is really not just inexperienced, it’s irresponsible, it’s callous, it’s reckless and I think he ought to apologize and I don’t think he knows what he is talking about, frankly. It’s that simple.”

America is also full of poor, uneducated, and religious folks who are especially vulnerable to propaganda: people who will ignorantly vote against their own self-interests in the name of patriotism and Christianity. Republicans love the gullible, patriotic, Christians who are armed with guns instead of college degrees. Their plan to slash funding for education while making sure that the right to bear arms is the most important constitutional amendment is a recipe for disaster. How would this situation in Libya or Egypt play out with a switchblade reactionist like Romney in the driver’s seat?

America needs a cool-headed leader who won’t start a war over some dipshit’s no-budget turd of a propaganda film, or judge those offended by it too harshly. A guy who is smart enough to find the guy responsible, and has the balls to actually get him. I got news for you, Mitt…we already have a guy like that in the White House. Take your two Cadillacs, your book of Mormon, your snooty bitch of a wife, and your mathematically-challenged running mate, and go buy yourself an island and move there. You’re just too fucking dangerous and stupid to be in politics. To those “Death to America” folks I would say knock it the fuck off, you look like a bunch of petulant children. Catholics around the world weren’t chanting “Death to America” over The Da Vinci Code. I think the Muslim religion will likely survive the idiotic slander of one piece of shit movie.

To President Obama: stay cool, be smart, and get the motherfuckers who did this. We’ve got your back come November.

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