Ode to Wendy

By Sarcasmo Jones


Wendy Davis, in pink filibuster sneaks
Said it ain’t about those twenty weeks
It’s about playing fair, women and men
Sometimes you have to fight when it’s important to win

Conservative Texas, couldn’t be more red
Legislators and corporations all in the same bed
A place for law and business and God to blend
Tell me again, Governor, which church you attend?

Planned Parenthood gone, now a thing of the past
No place for abortions, if that bill had passed
Voices up high and pink shoes held the floor
You ain’t gonna walk on our women no more

Wendy Davis

Ms. Davis stood strong, a long time on her feet
Dewhurst and his bitches still tried to cheat
Doctored the time to make it seem like a pass
Cameras and Twitter busted your ass

Governor Goodhair says Wendy should be ashamed
Single mothers, of course, are the ones to be blamed
Since when is being single a sin?
You said oops once, Perry…time to say it again

2_govs_vote_20120516122757_320_240Perry is pissed and Dewhurst is furious
Why all the anger? I ask cuz I’m curious
Throw out the bible and give the constitution a whirl
Now put a steak on your eye…you got beat by a girl.

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