Ode to Wendy

By Sarcasmo Jones


Wendy Davis, in pink filibuster sneaks
Said it ain’t about those twenty weeks
It’s about playing fair, women and men
Sometimes you have to fight when it’s important to win

Conservative Texas, couldn’t be more red
Legislators and corporations all in the same bed
A place for law and business and God to blend
Tell me again, Governor, which church you attend?

Planned Parenthood gone, now a thing of the past
No place for abortions, if that bill had passed
Voices up high and pink shoes held the floor
You ain’t gonna walk on our women no more

Wendy Davis

Ms. Davis stood strong, a long time on her feet
Dewhurst and his bitches still tried to cheat
Doctored the time to make it seem like a pass
Cameras and Twitter busted your ass

Governor Goodhair says Wendy should be ashamed
Single mothers, of course, are the ones to be blamed
Since when is being single a sin?
You said oops once, Perry…time to say it again

2_govs_vote_20120516122757_320_240Perry is pissed and Dewhurst is furious
Why all the anger? I ask cuz I’m curious
Throw out the bible and give the constitution a whirl
Now put a steak on your eye…you got beat by a girl.

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  1. So, Wendy wanted abortions to be okay at 20 weeks. Look at what a “baby” looks like at 20 weeks, if you dare. http://www.babycenter.com/fetal-development-images-20-weeks.
    Why not just make it legal to kill a child after birth? Why not make it legal to kill a child at 5? An abortion at this stage also takes a toll on a woman’s health. The “Mom” made a “choice” to make that baby. It is a living thing that she just doesn’t feel accountable for and doesn’t feel any responsibility for.

    Well then….I decide when my child is 2 that I just don’t feel like I want to take responsibility for or accountability for it. I made the child, I bore the child. I think it’s fine if I just take it into the tub and put it’s head under the water. It’s okay because I’m a woman and I matter more than that child.

    • Murdering 2 year old children is illegal, Cat…I would suggest that you at least speak with a mental health professional before you do anything drastic. Oh, by the way, just because you feel strongly about something, it doesn’t make you right. I’m not necessarily pro-abortion, but I do believe that the mother should have the option available, if necessary. I live in a state that has all but eradicated the accessibility of birth control options to the disadvantaged while simultaneously slashing education funds for those same folks. It looks like Texas is going to have an ignorant baby boom very shortly, and more than a few back alley abortions. I’ll be sure and send you a picture of what that looks like.

      • If it were legal to murder a 2 year old….would that make it “right”? I do feel strongly about terminating a pregnancy at this stage and, yes, I think I’m right about that. When you say you “believe that the mother should have the option available, if necessary”, what do you mean by “if necessary”? Do you mean if the pregnancy is ill timed it’s okay? As a birth control option? Every organ is there at that point. That’s okay because the Mom is inconvenienced? And where’s Daddy? He has no say or responsibility? Wasn’t the “choice” made when they conceived the child? I’m just trying to figure out what makes you tick. Have you really searched your conscience and think this is okay? Is there no value to the life of that fetus? Who speaks for that life?

        Why did your State all but eradicate “the accessibility of birth control options to the disadvantaged”? If it was because of quality of care and lack of access to a medical facility, that’s common sense. As a nurse, I saw more than a few women coming in to the hospital for a simple D&C who ended up in the ICU. It is not risk free, even very early. Is accessibility more important than the health of the mother? I CAN tell you abortion is big, big money.

        Why were education funds slashed for the disadvantaged? There has to be a back story to that. Why not give those disadvantaged a chance with choice, like they used to have in DC? The Teachers’ Union would never allow that. It’s a shame. Competition would elevate Public School programs.

        I certainly don’t think I’m “right” on many issues. I look at life through my experience. I’m a mountain grandma living in an isolated area by choice. People living here know if they break a leg, it will take an hour and a half to get to a hospital so we better know how to take care of ourselves. Neighbors depend on each other, not on the Government. The Sheriff takes 40 minutes to get here on a good day. We are a tough lot who depend on our own wits and each other. It’s a hard but self-rewarding way of life. I live on $2,000 a month and could survive a major disaster for 3 months. I’m a widow and live alone. I carry a weapon all the time. I’m educated, grew up in the City and look at the dependence of people on Government as a weakness, not a benefit.

        I trust you are busy and this is hard enough to read, let alone reply to but I truly would like to understand you a bit better. You never know, you may change my thinking. 🙂

  2. What does one feed a pet troll?

  3. And the Left’s “War on Babies” continues…..Their Motto: Women: Kill a fetus for your convenience but, damn, don’t carry a gun to protect yourself. Who, really, is perpetuating a “War on Women”?


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