About Us

Shelly Wymer started The American Left to shine a light on unfairness, give a voice to the victimized, and reinforce the concept that everyone has a right to a place to live and access to health care. She can easily be identified by the cruel whip that she uses to extract articles from contributing writers. Her favorites include poisoning the office coffee urn, NORML, OSU, and Hideaway Pizza.  Her dislikes include lying, bullying and manipulation, laundry, Justin Bieber, and the bitches from Kool Kats who yelled at her in the middle of Petsmart.

Sarcasmo Jones has been described, by himself, as “the funniest man alive”, other folks refer to him as “that asshole from Twitter.” This recovering Republican (one day at a time) aspires to write serious articles for The American Left, but his muse simply won’t allow it. Sarcasmo enjoys video games, Stephen King books, red meat, and kicking old people. His dislikes are stairs, yard work, chick flicks, and Justin Bieber


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  1. I enjoy this blog. I am an old(er) person. Kick me and I’ll bite. I have very good dentures. Keep up the good work!


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