The Ballad of Mitt

He’s not the right’s best candidate
But they’re big on taking turns
Mitt wants to be your President
If he can find his tax returns

His wife drives two Cadillacs
But not at the same time
Claims dressage is great therapy
If it helps his bottom line

He made a fortune with Bain Capital
And put a dog up on his car
And put a bunch of folks to work
From Bangladesh to Zanzibar

He’s already pissing countries off
Foreign relations not his forte
But he’s giving out free haircuts
If he suspects you’re gay

He pioneered Obamacare
But he won’t say that today
For and against auto bailouts
He goes either way

Mitt bought himself a buddy
Who’s not real good at math
Ryan’s gonna cut out Medicare
And let seniors feel his wrath

The Mitt and Ryan Comeback Team
Are here to give us hope
Don’t bother voting Election Day
They already stole the vote

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