The Ballad of Orrin Hatch

By Sarcasmo Jones

He’s the gentleman from Utah
He’s the pirate with no patch
He’s the anti-Robin Hood
And they call him Orrin Hatch

He will take from the poor and give to the rich
He’s sick of hearing poor folks bitch
He’ll take the Alpo from your hand
And substitute with a store brand

He’s all for tax cuts to the rich
And for cheaper corporate jets
He likes the poor just where they are
Eating food that’s meant for pets

It’s time for the poor to pay their share
And take away their Medicare
So send your food stamps to DC
To distribute back to the wealthy

Senator Hatch doesn’t pack a gun
But he’s got one to our head
And he’ll shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot
Till all but one percent are dead

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