Rape and Todd Akin

Written By Shelly Wymer

Fuck you, Todd Akin.  Fuck you for being such an asshole toward women.  Fuck you for saying such ridiculous hyperbolic bullshit.  You knew exactly what you were saying, when you said it.  You’re a misogynist douchebag with no respect for women, or the shit we have to go through every day because of ignorant jerks like you, before you even factor in the criminal victimization we are put through by lowlifes who think abuse and rape are okay.  How dare you presume to know anything about women?  You could never understand anything about us, even if you became a woman.  Are you jealous of women?  Why are you so willing to throw all of us under the bus by attempting to control women and their healthcare choices?  Did you get dumped by a girl in high school?  Did Mommy piss you off when she wouldn’t give you an extra pudding?  Did your Sunday School teacher choose someone else to play Joseph in the Christmas play?  You’re an ignorant asshat who has no business holding any type of public office.  Your religious fervor is a thinly veiled hatred of whatever, whoever, you don’t understand.  True Christians are compassionate.  True Christians don’t allow their lack of understanding to keep them from acting like humane individuals toward others.

Rape is an horrific event for anyone who is made a victim.  To say that a woman’s ovaries can magically shut off while being raped is a huge red flag to me that facts don’t matter to you, and that you have no filter.  Did you really think that it would be okay to intimate that it’s not truly rape if the woman becomes pregnant?  What about a man who is  raped by another man, or a woman raping a woman.  Yes, it happens.  What about anal rape?  You can’t get pregnant that way.  Does it mean you think the woman had it coming if she’s sodomized, instead of being raped in the “usual” way?   Hey, you opened this can of worms, Akin.  You have to deal with the tough questions, since you plan on staying in the race.

Do I sound pissed?  Good, then you’re paying attention.  I am so glad you haven’t backed out of this race, because it’s going to fun to watch you get whomped by Claire McCaskill in the senate race.  Oh, how I wish I lived in Missouri so I could vote against you!  As a native Oklahoman, I’m not much of a Missouri fan, but we’re all human, and everyone has a right to their own opinion, unless that opinion is based on a blatant lie.  You have a staff, don’t you?  You can’t take 5 minutes to check your facts before you get on national TV?  You, sir, should be thoroughly ashamed for embarrassing your fellow-Missourians.

On behalf of women across America, fuck you, Todd Akin.

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